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Shane Jones
Plumber/ Maintenance Technician Nest DC
I was raised by strong men who worked in the plumbing field. As a third generation plumbing technician, I truly feel like it was something that was ingrained in me from the start. Now, with two growing boys of my own, I'm trying to instill in them - the hard-working generational values that I was taught. No matter if they decide to go into the plumbing field or not, I hope I can teach them my ethics of positivity and teamwork that I have discovered are engrained here at Nest DC. In my previous experience in the plumbing field, tension is usually high and there wasn’t much teamwork. Since I joined the Nest family in 2018, it always feels like my coworkers are either smiling or laughing. And they are always working together on problems. I feel like I'm more than just an employee or a number; I feel valuable. When I'm not working hard out in the field, you'll find me spending time with my sons, fishing and enjoying nature.


Starling DC fills a gap in the DC real estate landscape. When home repairs need to be managed, it’s almost impossible to find a reputable, reliable and accessible vendor. We’re just that! We’ve spent 9 years cultivating a cadre of highly skilled and heavily committed team members who have been overseeing repair and improvement of a diverse portfolio. We’ve tended to property of all kinds, from studio apartments to historic farmhouses in Petworth. We work to the highest possible standards, recognizing our homes should be best in class. Our services should be the same. We offer hourly maintenance technicians, project management and we specialize in getting spaces move-in ready for happy residents.

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